Cora’s diary - 7/18/12 

The only thing I have to say about today: what the fuck?

William came to visit. I mean, when they told me I had a visitor I just thought, ‘hey, mum and dad finally decided to show their faces.’ But, no, it wasn’t them waiting for me. I can honestly say I was surprised. Dismayed too. But mostly surprised, seeing as mum was the one who told me to keep all of this hush hush so he wouldn’t find out and not want to marry me. Apparently, though, she just wanted me to keep it hush hush so she could be the one to tell him. Kind of like ‘hey, the present I promised you is broken now, so do you still want it or not?’ She told him everything, from the blackout to the fact that I can’t have kids. Every single thing I wanted to keep private, he knows. 

We talked for a while; well, mostly he talked and I fake smiled. He told me he doesn’t understand what the big deal that I starve myself is. Because I look “hot” skinny. He said if I got a tan and some bigger boobs, he’d marry me right now. Charming. He said he didn’t care that I can’t have kids because he hates them anyway. He might be the biggest douche I’ve ever met. 

William said he’d visit more often to watch after “his girl”. Excuse me? I’m not his fucking anything. Then he gave me a ring. Rubies, since “it’s your birthstone.”

My birthstone is emerald.

He called it a pre-engagement ring. Just so everyone knows I’m spoken for. It’s sitting on my dresser right now, staring at me. I might flush it down the toilet. But hey, there’s a plus side to being with that prick. I could starve myself into oblivion and he’d just say “lookin’ hot, honey.”

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